Umbrella Diaries

A documentary by Lianain Films




Lung Wo Road

Arguably one of the most dramatic nights of the Umbrella Movement.

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87 Rounds On 928

The day is seared in Hong Kong’s collective memory. Hundreds of camera people and photographers on site ensured that even citizens who were nowhere near Admiralty would remember what happened; would remember the events in stunning visuals – the thousands of people flooding into Harcourt Road. Traffic coming to a standstill. That lone bus in […]

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The Day After

The road divider was surprisingly comfortable. We were not the only ones who had discovered it was a very good place to sleep. Dozens of protestors lay in various stages of slumber around us. Others were sprawled on the road below. As more and more people stirred, a cheer rang out. It was a brand […]

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Civic Square

The view from the bridge was perfect. We could see the stage, the students sitting quietly on the road in front of Central Government Offices, listening to speech after speech about the future of their city. Sweat glistened off arms and foreheads. It had been unbearably hot earlier in the day. Even at 10 in […]

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